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November 9, 2008
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I woke up this morning with an uneasy feeling-I have no idea why-I felt the tears swell up in my eyes then gently glide down my cheek. I felt silly, more than silly, down right moronic for feeling this way. I have been unable to shake the thought that something in life, my heart, had been ripped out. I felt myself slipping in and out of these agonising trances of pain. It has been almost a week that I’ve been feeling this way, ever since Naruto, Kakashi and I came back from our mission against Akatsuki to save Gaara. A lot happened during that mission, but nothing that I think is responsible for me feeling this way. I have come to accept that grandma Chio is gone and not coming back but that doesn’t help me, I still have no idea why I feel like dying. Maybe if I try to get some more sleep I will feel better, I’ve been lying awake all night.

The softness of my bed wasn’t going to be enough to get myself to sleep but I was trying to force it apon myself. I could feel the cool breeze of konoha brush my skin from my open window and a shiver crawled up my spine. At that moment, I felt another pile of thick, comforting, blankets wrap around my snuggled body. I froze in place-not even aware of the cold-and tilted my head slightly to the open space beside my bed. I forced my eyes to follow the dark shadow’s body up to its face. As another gust of icy wind passed by, the light sound of a bell filled the otherwise quiet room; I recognised the sound. Akatsuki. But witch one has come to take their revenge on me? Did it matter, I was going to die and I don’t think I mind. I reached the face of my cold-hearted visitor and saw his bronze-red hair blow over his mesmerising eyes from under his hat that covered the remainder of it. It couldn’t be. It wasn’t possible. What bothered me the most was the fact that the siring pain I have been feeling for a week subsided at the sight of his face. Sasori.

I prepared myself to scream but before I was even able to open my mouth, his dark figure turned into a blur and he was behind me. He slid his inhuman yet soft palm over the side of my jaw and clamped over my trembling lips. Before I knew it, his other murderous hand was gliding passed my back and around my waist, making it unable to move.

“Didn’t mean to wake you. Sakura, was it?” his lips slid against my ear as he addressed me. “It’s been a while, did you miss me?”

At that moment, my body stiffened as I realised, I had. I had been missing him this whole time. I’ve been missing his cold voice, the soft loathing in his eyes, his red-brown silk hair and all his inhuman qualities. The feel of his hand leaving my mouth and lying on my cheek interrupted my train of thought, he turned me to his direction, and his eyes read my face and he knew at that instant.

“Glad to see I left an impression” I attempted to speak.

“Y-you’re a-alive?” as the words left my mouth, I wished I had remain quiet, he didn’t kill me yet but he was sure to now. It took me a few seconds to notice- I was busy thinking over my life as my last thoughts- that he had pushed me against my pillow and was now leaning over me with a wooden hand on ether side of my body. He leaned inward towards me.

“Want me to prove it?” His voice sounded teasing but his face looked certain of my answer, Yes. The look of certainty overpowered his face, he didn’t wait for my answer. He leaned more inward, closing the small gap between our faces as he pressed his soft menacing lips against mine. The movement was not one of aggression as I was expecting; it was gentle and passionate. The lack of response from me began to aggravate the motion of his lips. They began to force mine open, and they followed. He slid his tongue into my mouth and repeated the same breath-taking motion over and over. A bolt ran through me as my crave for him became stronger but I knew I had to pull away. I lifted my arms up and planted my hands on his chest, pushing him. It took him half a second to grab my wrists and bound them to my bed, this act was much more aggressive then the others. He was far from through with me. He pulled his lips from mine and brought them back to my ear. He chuckled lightly before he spoke. “See, I am alive, no thanks to you of course.” I wanted to answer back, I wanted to protest, but I couldn’t-I couldn’t even remember my name. “ Say something” I lied there, frozen. “That wasn’t a suggestion.”

“H-how?” I could feel mountains of tears overflow from my eyes. He pressed his lips to my cheek and caught my falling tears, he released my arms as I wrapped them around his neck.

One of my favorite ships is sakura and sasori so i thought that i should try to write a fan fic. my very 1st one ^^ i hope it's alright!!
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